Don’t Vote Yes or No Just Yet!

“Residents for a New Valley Town” encourages all residents within the area to become educated on the topic before making their decision for or against incorporation.


What is Incorporation?

In summary, municipality incorporation is the process initiated by the residents of an unincorporated area, an area that is soley managed by the county, to bring to a sanctioned ballot vote in order to become a self governed town (incorporated) with local focus by multiple elected officials acting on behalf of the desires and demands of the residents of the area designated.


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General Community Impact


Local Leadership

Local leaders elected by residents within the incorporated area for localized focus on behalf of the residents’ desires and demands. Council would likely be of 7 members to include a Mayor.
Increased Taxes

Likely addition of town sales tax of approx 2% and potential for secondary tax. A primary property tax would require a favorable vote of the residents after incorporation if the town council requested. Of the last 16 incorporated municipalities in Arizona, only 2 have implemented a primary property tax and during the same period between 1980 and 2010, only two cities have implemented a Secondary Property Tax.
Additional Revenue

In an unincorporated area, taxes already being paid by residents are ultimately sent, in a form called State Shared Revenue, to surrounding municipalities with the percentage based on population within the town’s boundaries. With incorporation, the new town will receive a percentage of the State Shared Revenue.
Utility Costs

Under the governance of Arizona Corporate Commission, local utility providers may raise rates to offset additional fees associated with operating within a town.
Law Enforcement

County or Town must provide at least the minimum level of law enforcement service for an area; however, an incorporated area with local focus can determine upon the demands of the residents to increase law enforcement of the area to protect and serve its residents.

Planning and Development

With localized focus, the town can focus on the areas of improvement needed today and for the future which would include zoning and economic development strategies for the area. Options would likely include the balance between a rural lifestyle and suburban lifestyle as desired by the residents.


Upon incorporation, the town immediately takes ownership of the roads and maintenance within the boundaries. An incorporated area with localized focus can determine quality and location needed as related to localized zoning.


It is likely that the county will continue to build roads without beautification which means, industrial light posts, dirt medians often filled with weeds and no landscape. Beautification is typically a priority for towns to attract those looking to join the community family and to meet the desires of the residents.

Other Services

Though contracted fire service rate, bulk rate trash service, parks & recreation, libraries, town transportation service, etc. could take years to implement, these are potential enhancements that could be implemented by a town that a county would not. This should not be expected ‘overnight’ but as part of planning now for the future development.